Each BLACKPINK Member Was Revealed BEFORE They Even Debuted and Fans Had No Idea

The public knew the individual members before the actual group.

Each member of BLACKPINK is currently successful and has a unique charm that makes them special. They made their group debut in 2016, but each member was surprisingly revealed to the public before them officially becoming BLACKPINK.

1. Jisoo

Kim Jisoo

The eldest member of BLACKPINK had multiple pre-debut appearances where she was praised for her shining visuals.  The first was when Jisoo made a cameo appearance on the drama “The Producer” alongside other YG Entertainment labelmates Sandara Park and Seungyoon (WINNER). Her other appearances before debut were for advertisements alongside other celebrities, such as actor Lee Minho and iKON.

Jisoo (Right) and Lee Minho (Left)

2. Jennie

Similar to Jisoo, Jennie also had much exposure to the public before her debut with BLACKPINK. She was revealed during her trainee days displaying her profile, such as age and languages she spoke. Her rapping abilities were on full display and she showcased the “Hip-Hop” image that YG Entertainment has been famous for.

Jennie’s most famous appearance might be her appearance in the song “Black”, by G-Dragon. This was a huge deal at the time because G-Dragon was one of the faces of YG Entertainment and a trainee was selected to be a part of his song. This song showcased Jennie’s vocal ability, which helped portray that she was a multi-positioned artist, not just a rapper.

3. Rosé

Similar to Jennie, Rosé also released a song alongside G-Dragon, which was titled “Without You”. This song was different from “Black” because it was never performed on a music show, which meant that Rosé was never truly seen by the public. While her face may not have been shown to the public, Rosé’s vocal colors were fully displayed.

4. Lisa

Lisa is the oddest one among the BLACKPINK members in terms of pre-debut appearances. While her face and dancing skills were shown, her full profile was never revealed until her debut with BLACKPINK. YG Entertainment simply uploaded a video of her dancing skills and displayed her age, but not much else.