BLACKPINK Messed Up, And They Couldn’t Do Anything About It

They needed to pick ingredients for their meal.

BLACKPINK released another fun-filled episode of 24/365 With BLACKPINK on July 25. As a continuation of the previous episode, the girls chose their meal for their outing together.


As part of the game’s rules, they could only eat the food that no one picked twice. The girls needed to use “telepathy” to figure out what ingredient the member before them chose in order to avoid it.

Needless to say, despite their best efforts, not everything went as planned! After a relatively successful first round where they amassed noodles, rice cake, and sauce…

…they were up against even higher-stakes with a full barbecue set available. High quality beef, seafood, kimchi with sauce, rice, and vegetables were ready to be picked—so long as no more than one member chose the ingredient. This time Jennie went first followed by Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa.

Without hesitation, Jennie picked the kimchi and sauce. She had a feeling that the others would pick the more important ingreidents.

I’m picking this. The hanwoo beef is for Lisa.

— Jennie

When Rosé tried using telepathy from the waiting room, she got a totally different answer!

Lisa: Rice variation? Or meat?

Rosé: I sense…she’s telling me to choose something spicy.

Lo and behold, two members each chose the same thing! The moment Lisa picked the side ingredients of corn and sausages, the others knew it was over. Jennie fell to the floor “sobbing”.

I witnessed all of this!

— Jennie

Jennie and Jisoo apparently both picked kimchi while Rosé and Lisa picked the side dishes.

When it comes to telepathy, BLACKPINK may not be the best.

No matter, they were still satisfied with their meal of ramen, rice cakes, kimchi, and side ingredients!

If you want to see their hilarious game in detail, check out the full episode below!