BLINKs Demand Better Treatment For BLACKPINK As #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG Trends on Twitter

It’s November but there’s still no news of a comeback.

Fans are rallying for better treatment for BLACKPINK in Twitter as they trended the hashtag #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG on November 14.

Over a hundred thousand tweets were posted within a few hours of the hashtag’s first use.

The cause of concern started when YG Entertainment retweeted BLACKPINK’s TIME Magazine’s “100NEXT” recognition hours after it was announced, then claimed it as their own achievement.

They then deleted the tweet and re-posted it after receiving backlash from fans.

More than this, rumors of BLACKPINK’s comeback being postponed roamed the site, leaving fans devastated. The girls originally planned to have two comebacks in 2019, but chances of this happening are slim as it is already November.

BLINKs have since began recounting the numerous ways YG Entertainment has failed to manage BLACKPINK properly. The main issue was their lack of discography or comebacks.

The members themselves, they noted, constantly wished for more songs.

I had so much fun today. I honestly don’t wanna see anyone go home. I wanna do 10 more songs…if I had any.

– Jennie

The girls often expressed in public their sadness at their lack of promotions.

Although they are successful models and actresses, they do not often come together to record songs.

BLACKPINK’s lack of comebacks made no sense to fans as they make up the lion’s share of sales in YG Entertainment.

BLINKs agreed that there is little to no point of being a top girl group in Korea and internationally if they do not have many opportunities to grow as artists.

While BLACKPINK will likely stay with YG Entertainment until their contract ends, the hashtag #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG is giving fans a voice against the company, something they agree is necessary.


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