Everyone Is Going Crazy For BLACKPINK’s New Female Bodyguard And Her Stunning Visuals

BLINKs are making her go viral:

Many fans are familiar with the bodyguards who help to protect their favorite idols. They love how close they become with their bias group, how they interact with fans, and of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are visuals in their own right!


And BLACKPINK‘s new female bodyguard is so stunning that she’s stopping everyone in their tracks and making fans fall head over heels for her!


BLACKPINK are currently touring on their In Your Area world tour and for added safety and protection, they were assigned bodyguards for their off schedules as well. While BLINKs have been absolutely loving seeing how seriously their bodyguards are taking their jobs and having a couple laughs at seeing them sneak into photos too…

Like when Jennie’s bodyguard casually appeared in Justin Bieber’s photo from Coachella!


Fans were left with their jaws on the floor when they caught sight of BLACKPINK’s newest female bodyguard!


Besides the surprise of seeing a new face, fans were blown away by her visuals!


She quickly began going viral with many BLINKs quickly volunteering to start a fanclub for her.


With so much love, it looks like this new addition to BLACKPINK’s team has definitely gotten the stamp of approval from fans!