BLACKPINK Are The New Models For Louis Vuitton And The Pics Are Hella Sexy

BLACKPINK members look like goddesses in this Louis Vuitton photoshoot!

BLACKPINK participated in Louis Vuitton’s new LV Twist Campaign alongside CL and Taeyang, and the photos are gorgeous!


The floral prints of Louis Vuitton’s new collection suit the BLACKPINK members perfectly!


The slightly blurry concept produces an almost ethereal feel to the photoshoots making them look like goddesses.


And it’s also the perfect inspiration for those who have been preparing for spring!


Netizens have been praising Jisoo for looking particularly gorgeous in her photoshoot.

  • “All the members look good, but this photoshoot concept was perfect for Jisoo! Everyone looks elegant and gorgeous ㅎㅎㅎ”
  • “This is a perfect match for Jisoo”
  • “Jisoo is so damn pretty…”


All four members do look incredibly sexy and posh at the same time.


In fact, the group pulls off these looks so well, they could well be mistaken for the original models! LV definitely did right in choosing BP!


Source: Pann Nate