The NFL Network Was Heard Playing BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” And BLINKs Are Here For It

The crossover you didn’t know you needed!

Since it first dropped, BLACKPINK‘s hit song “Kill This Love” has been receiving a whole lot of love from people all over the world. Now, it’s even getting some love from the NFL!


Recently a clip from the NFL Network’s popular morning show, Good Morning Football, has been catching the attention of BLINKs! Why? Good Morning Football used “Kill This Love” as their outro music on the show!


Fans additionally noted that the show didn’t use an instrumental version of the song as their outro!


This, however, isn’t the first time BLINKs have caught the NFL Network showing BLACKPINK and “Kill This Love” some love. Previously they used it during a Gameday preview…


And on the actual Gameday itself!


With all those BLACKPINK crossover moments, BLINKs have been absolutely loving it and can’t wait to see where “Kill This Love” will turn up next on the network!


Looks like BLACKPINK and their amazing music have captured even more hearts!