BLACKPINK Officially Claimed The Heart of Fifth Harmony’s Normani And BLINKs Are All For It

Normani is a certified BLINK!

With their unstoppable talents,  stunning performances, and oh so loveable personalities, BLACKPINK have stolen a lot of hearts and have just claimed another!


BLINKs had their suspicions that Fifth Harmony‘s Normani might be a fan of BLACKPINK after they discovered that she started following them on Instagram, and it looks like she just made things official!


Normani recently appeared at a meet and greet event during Ariana Grande’s Sweetener tour and showed what a huge fan she is! According to fans at the event, Normani shared that she had recently gotten into K-Pop thanks to BLACKPINK and she’s even been on a binge-watching spree of all their videos!


She even revealed that Jennie is her bias!


The news has definitely been putting a big smile on her fellow BLINKs’ faces while everyone is celebrating the new addition to the BLINK family!


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