BLINKs Are Feeling Emotional After Seeing The Gifts BLACKPINK Personally Prepared

BLACKPINK truly care about BLINK:

K-Pop fans often like to show their love and support by sending fan letters and other gifts to their favorite artists, but this time around it’s the group that has been showing their fans some love through their personally prepared gifts!


Although BLINKs figure they won’t get to see BLACKPINK perform their new music from their “Kill This Love” EP too much on music shows thanks to their tight schedule which includes performances at Coachella, they did get to see them on Music Core and Inkigayo!


Both performances blew fans away, but those performances weren’t the only reason fans were a bit overwhelmed.  In fact, it was what BLACKPINK did to say thank you for all the love they’ve been getting that truly made fans feel emotional. It started with their appearance at Music Core when they prepared a special surprise for fans.


Fans who attended the event could grab everything from yummy food…


To Hera cosmetics and even personalized face masks that said, “kill this dust!”


That wasn’t all either. The next day they performed on Inkigayo and prepared other gifts for fans! Like some delectable food with “eat this love” printed on it…


And plenty of other goodies prepared just for them!


Rosé even updated fans on her Instagram, personally thanking them and picking out her favorite from all the gifts!

Have strength after eating these macarons (I personally think the strawberry is the most delicious)! P.S. I didn’t cry today because I was sad, but because I was so touched. Go back safely BLINK! I love you!

— Rosé


The fact that they personally prepared all this, has touched BLINKs’ hearts and many fans are feeling all sorts of emotional.


The gesture was incredibly sweet and further proves that BLACKPINK truly loves BLINKs!