These Photos Prove How Much Jennie Loves Her Fans

Now that’s what you call “fan service”.

Just last month, fans shared photos of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie leaving from one of her commitments on online communities and social media.

The photos show Jennie inside a car, waving to her beloved fans.

What drew particular attention was the sad expression on Jennie’s face as she bid farewell.

Despite her sadness, she smiled and even gave a few winks to her fans who had been waiting to see her.

Fans were happy to see that Jennie never loses her smile, and they even thought her expression was lovable.

These photos were taken around the time of Jennie’s solo activities for her song, “SOLO”.

Here are a few more photos of Jennie, who never fails to display her cute charms to her fans, even in the midst of busy schedules:

Now that’s what you call “fan service”.

Source: Insight