BLACKPINK’s Pre-Debut Journey Until Now Shows That They Have Always Been Queens

They’re serving visuals, talents, and quality like no other!

BLACKPINK is a team made up of absolute queens, and they’ve been gorgeous talents even before they debuted!

Each of them has shown tremendous growth from their debut days, but even during their pre-debut days, you could see they were meant to be stars! Here is BLACKPINK’s journey from their pre-debut days until now!

1. Jisoo

Even during her school days, Jisoo was a renowned beauty known for her kind and uproarious personality!

Pre-debut Jisoo

Upon entering YG Entertainment in 2011, Jisoo had several pre-debut activities, and had everyone wondering when she would finally debut!

And from her predebut days until now, Jisoo has remained a gorgeous, talented woman who just keeps getting better at everything she does!

2. Jennie

Pre-debut Jennie stirred up tons of attention as a YG Entertainment trainee, both with her looks and her musical talents!

Pre-debut Jennie

She entered the agency in 2010, and while a trainee, featured in many YG artists’ songs, such as G-Dragon and Lee Hi!

From her days as a trainee to now, Jennie stays winning with her looks, talents and popularity!

3. Rosé

Prior to her official debut, Rosé already had everyone buzzing about her incredible vocals!

Pre-debut Rosé | @blackpinkofficial/ Instagram

Entering YG Entertainment in 2012, Rosé was a trainee for 4 years! While not having as much predebut exposure as the other members, she still had everyone praising her vocal talents when she featured on G-Dragon’s track, “Without You”, as a hidden artist in 2012!

And now, Rosé is killing it as an idol!

4. Lisa

Before her debut as BLACKPINK’s Lisa, she was always a beauty and an incredible dancer!

Pre-debut Lisa

Joining YG Entertainment in 2010, Lisa trained for 5 years! Prior to her debut, she was a backup dancer in BIGBANG Taeyang‘s “Ringa Linga” MV, and was also a model for streetwear brand Nona9on, showing that she was destined for the spotlight!

Lisa is still slaying as a dancer, rapper and model, today!

| @lalalisa_m/ Instagram