BLACKPINK Just Reacted To Their “How You Like That” Music Video—And They’re Relatable AF

“I want to watch it 50 more times!”

The second episode of BLACKPINK‘s reality show 24/365 with BLACKPINK was released on July 11. The episode’s 17 minutes focused on their comeback preparations for “How You Like That”.


One of the first things BLACKPINK did on the day of their pre-release single countdown was to watch their music video. Their initial reactions were recorded for viewers of their reality show and they were completely relatable!

This is cool!

– Jisoo

The girls were all praise for each other, with Lisa exclaiming that Jennie was “so pretty!” and Rosé stating that Jisoo “looks so good here”.

Some parts like Rosé’s pre-chorus were so beautifully shot, Jennie had to ask how they filmed it. It was revealed earlier in the episode that Rosé had to be strapped to a machine that rolled her around in the air.

When they got to the chorus, they couldn’t help lip-sync to the addictive melody.

The members were particularly hyped when Lisa’s solo rap began. They danced along and praised their maknae for a job well done.

You look so cool!

– Jennie

The bridge of the music video received even more exclamations, as did their dance break where Jisoo mentioned in awe, “We’re all in this scene!”. They also mentioned how the intense choreography of the part did a number on the members.

This ruined our knees.

– Jennie

But in the end, it was worth it. The music video came out perfectly and everyone was impressed.

The first thing they wanted to do after watching the video? Watch it again!

Jisoo: I want to watch it 50 more times.

Lisa: Let’s watch it one more time!

BLACKPINK ended up playing “How You Like That” three times straight, much like BLINKs when streaming.

Check out the full episode below!