BLACKPINK Has The Same Unexpected Reaction Every Time They Hear Their Own Songs In Public

They’re the cutest!

BLACKPINK has some of the most popular songs in the entertainment industry. Their pre-single release “How You Like That” broke multiple records right away, becoming the music video with the most views in 24 hours and receiving a perfect all-kill on Korean music sites.

They also had great success with past title tracks like “Whistle” (their first win just 13 days after debut) and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (the first K-Pop group music video to reach one billion views).

With their success, it would be easy to assume they enjoy it when they hear their songs on the street as if they were badges of honor. Their reaction in episode 5-3 of BLACKPINK HOUSE shows, however, this isn’t the case!

The girls visited a beachfront bar in Chaweng Beach, Thailand, to rest from their long day. After being treated to a real “Playing With Fire” show…

…and drinking delicious refreshments…

…their debut song, “BOOMBAYAH” played in the bar! Without fail, everyone immediately froze.

Lisa took a sip from her drink while Jennie burst into embarrassed laughter. The caption, “You don’t have to look at us” was shown across the screen.

Jisoo revealed this lukewarm reaction is normal for them.

You know how we always ignore it when we hear our song while eating out?

— Jisoo

While they were reluctant to perform in public, the girls pushed through with at least the chorus’ main point choreography.

We should at least do this!

— Jennie

BLACKPINK danced in front of everyone, their faces heating up. Jennie even exclaimed, “It’s hotter than when we were doing the fire show!”

This isn’t the first time BLACKPINK was sheepish when they heard their songs in public. In episode 7-4 of BLACKPINK HOUSE, Lisa and Rosé gave the same embarrassed reaction when “As If It’s Your Last” played while they were jumping on trampolines. The main vocal ran towards the offending source while shouting aloud.

So embarrassing! What is this!

— Rosé

Lisa even crawled to the side as if she were scared of the video playing on the screen!

Shy BLACKPINK is the cutest BLACKPINK!

Check out the full episodes below.