BLACKPINK Reveal Which Member Spends The Most Money

She’s “forced” to!

BLACKPINK guested on an episode of Akdong Musician Lee Suhyun‘s radio show Volume Up and they talked about their SQUARE UP album and a bit about their personal life.


The members expressed their feelings about being back on stage in front of their fans, and with a brand new, official lightstick too!

We were so glad to see our fans, and they were so glad to see us, it was a situation where we both didn’t know what to do. Our fans made the decision to come see us. They even practiced using the lightstick too.

— Jisoo

We have a lightstick now. I would have been really glad if some fans came to see us but way more fans than I thought came to see us so I was surprised.

— Jennie

I keep trying to concentrate on the song and have a cool performance but I keep on smiling. Our fans are so cute and proud of us, it was hard not to smile while performing.

— Rosé

A listener asked BLACKPINK which member is the best at spending money, and Jisoo revealed it was the group’s maknae, Lisa!

Lisa buys the food a lot when we order delivery to our dorm. She already has an account registered on the mobile app, so she’s the one who has to pay for it. We’re eating well, thanks Lisa.

— Jisoo


Lisa might be the youngest member of the group but that isn’t stopping Lee Suhyun from looking at her in awe and calling her “totally a girl crush”.