BLACKPINK Revealed Whose Decision It Was To Wear Hanboks In “How You Like That”

The members’ opinions have weight.

When BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” was released last June, it created a buzz for multiple reasons. Not only was it their first comeback since “Kill This Love”, but both the song and music video were well-made and trendy.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about their stunning outfits, particularly their modern take on hanboks, the traditional clothes of Koreans. BLACKPINK revealed who decided on them during their appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros.

Super Junior‘s Heechul asked, “Whose idea was it wear the hanbok?”

The girls said that it was something they all thought about after consulting each other.

We usually decide on things through a meeting. All of us brought over similar ideas, proposals.

— Jisoo

The idea to show off their culture stemmed from the members themselves!

They all had the same desires and levels of creativity—to the point where their thoughts unknowingly overlapped. When Kang Ho Dong asked if their plan to wear hanboks came from Jisoo first, she said that she couldn’t be the only one credited for it.

They told me Jennie said it already.

— Jisoo

After the decision was made, BLACKPINK’s stylist team bought pieces from designer Danha Seoul and customized them themselves.

They cut it up to here and made the bottom part a skirt. That’s how they customized it. They made it shorter so it’s better for the performance.

— Danha

They all looked gorgeous in their modern hanboks!