BLACKPINK Reveals Their Dreams For The Upcoming Year

They know exactly what they want to achieve.

In an interview with Jalouse China, BLACKPINK answered questions ranging from what styles they were into currently to how they spend their nights. With 2020 coming closer by the day, they each shared the dreams they want to achieve in the new year.

Never forgetting their roles as idols, Jisoo‘s focus is creating performances as a team that are wide in variety and show new sides of themselves. Keeping in line with this thought, Rosé expressed something similar.

In 2020, I want all four of us to create more various and entertaining performances!

In order to fulfil the expectations of herself and BLINKs, Rosé wants to show their talent and growth in their upcoming music.

I hope to show everything I’ve got in terms of music, and I want myself as well as my fans to all be satisfied.

Regarding fans, Lisa expressed the dream of not only another world tour but the hope of visiting even more places than they had before.

I hope to visit more countries and cities in our next world tour.

Unlike everyone else’s dreams, Jennie‘s was the simplest. She wants to be happy and healthy, which is what many people work toward achieving every day.

Health and happiness.

Source: Jalouse China