BLACKPINK Reveals Whether They Enjoy Singing In Korean Or English More

With songs in both languages, they may have a preference.

Since BLACKPINK had been releasing more songs in English, such as their feature on Lady Gaga‘s “Sour Candy” and their “Ice Cream” collaboration with Selena Gomez, the group may now feel more comfortable singing in the language.

During their interview with Bloomberg Quicktake, the media outlet asked the group if they preferred singing in Korean or English for their tracks.

| @tokopedia/Twitter

Jennie pointed out how different the two languages were to compare, “I think each Korean and English has its own charm.

When it comes to music, BLACKPINK doesn’t set out to record a number of songs in English or Korean.

The song makes the choice for them: “Rather than thinking about making more songs in certain languages, I think we use [the] more suitable one for each song.

The language the group uses for a track is the one that gives its meaning more impact. “And, we want to deliver the message in the best way possible.

Each one of the languages isn’t ranked above the other because they both serve their purposes. “So, yeah. We don’t mind using any languages.

If the girls use whatever language they need to for their track, BLACKPINK just may use some other ones in their future music.