BLACKPINK Reveals The Hilariously Relatable Way Jennie And Lisa Binge-Watch Shows

They’re just like us!

Fans know all too well that every BLACKPINK member has her own likes, dislikes, and personalities. They revealed their unique differences and what they think of each in an interview with the YouTube channel, The Swoon.

The question they were faced with was, “Who is most likely to fall asleep while binge watching a show late at night?”

After a few seconds, BLACKPINK revealed their top two choices: Jennie and Lisa.

They’ve shown their binge-watching tendencies quite a few times in the dorm.

We always talk about, like, ‘Did you watch this new thing?’

— Jennie

Lisa agreed, explaining, “We always watch it in one sitting.” No matter how busy they are, they make time to rest with a little Netflix spree.

They’re just like everyone else who can’t help but finish something once they’ve started.

We watch the whole series or the whole season in one day.

— Jennie

This goes hand-in-hand with Lisa’s previous revelation that she has a hard-core fangirl personality. She loves supporting her faves no matter how full her schedule is that day.

If you want to see more BLACKPINK moments, check out the full video below!