BLACKPINK Reveals The Story Of How They Became The BLACKPINK Of Today

This was how BLACKPINK became BLACKPINK.

As part of their promotions for their In Your Area World Tour, BLACKPINK sat down for an interview with the Zach Sang Show.

The members spoke about how they took a leap of faith to become trainees under YG Entertainment.

Jennie mentioned that she had a choice between going to live by herself in Florida, or doing something that she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Thankfully, her Mom was supportive of her goal to become a singer.

I think it’s special that you traded in not wanting to be alone, to having three incredible human beings around you all the time!

— Zach Sang, Host of the Zach Sang Show

Sisters, instant sisters.

— Rosé

Jennie then spoke about how she became the main rapper of BLACKPINK.

When I first came to YG, I think I was the only one who could speak English. We had to cover Pop songs, and they always had raps–and they were like, “you can speak English pretty fast!”

— Jennie

Rosé mentioned that she entered an open audition for YG, only because her dad told her to.

I think he was sick of me screaming at the top of my lungs on my piano, every night at like 12 am.

— Rosé

Despite being YG’s first non-Korean artist, Lisa‘s journey was remarkably similar to Rosé’s–she joined an open audition in Thailand which led her to moving to Korea and persuing her dream.

I told mom that, I wanted to be part of them, I wanted to be a K-Pop artist!

— Lisa

The girls also spoke on their motivation to debut as an artist.

It was this drive, I can’t fly all the way back to Australia without making this work–it was a fight against myself.

— Rosé

We all had one dream, and it wasn’t an easy thing to just stay there and go on with what we wanted to do… I didn’t want to go home!

— Jennie

It was apt that the host, Zach, spoke about their debut single “BOOMBAYAH”.

Zach: How many times do you think you’ve performed BOOMBAYAH?

Jennie: Wow… countless, I think. Countless times.

BLACKPINK has come so far since their days as trainees. You can watch the full interview on the Zach Sang Show below.


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