The White Dress BLACKPINK’s Rosé Wore to the Airport Made Her Look like an Angel from Heaven

Rosé went from goddess to angel by putting on this white dress.

BLACKPINK was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport on their way to Manila, Philippines where they showed off various poses for the camera while greeting their beloved fans.

Among all four members who looked absolutely gorgeous as usual, it was Rosé who took the spotlight once again, this time, by looking like an angel from Heaven in a beautiful white dress.

In contrast to the darker outfits Rosé has been spotted wearing, the dress she was most recently spotted in was pure white that made her beauty shine like crazy.

The dress established such harmony with her golden locks and pale skin that she went from looking like a goddess to looking like an angel as well.

In addition, the white dress accentuated her flawless skin and made it look almost like white jade.

What’s most surprising of all is the fact that Rosé made these photos look like professional pictorial shots when in reality, these are simply candid shots that weren’t planned out ahead of time.

Rosé continues to stun fans with her limitless beauty, and there’s no telling how far she’ll push the limits in the years to come.


Check out some more photos of “angel Rosé” below:

Source: Insight