BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Dressed in Purple and Enjoying Some Proper Vacation Time After Performing at Coachella

She still looks like a total goddess offstage.

Following BLACKPINK‘s spectacular performances at Coachella, Rosé was spotted enjoying some proper vacation time in her offstage outfits.

The photos that Rosé shared on her official Instagram account show her to be roaming around Coachella and taking advantage of her leisure.

She looked especially radiant in the purple mini dress she flaunted while showing off a beautiful smile.

Despite being offstage and being “normal Rosé” for a little while, she still managed to blind everyone who was watching with her amazing figure, no matter what she was wearing.

What was different about how she looked this time was that in contrast to the charismatic side Rosé shows off on stage, she gave off more of her sweet and lovable charms instead.


Regardless of which look she’s seen flaunting, there’s no doubt that she looks like a total goddess no matter what, without even needing to try.

Check out how blinding Rosé’s looking during her time off in the photos below:

Source: Insight


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