BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Making Fans Feel Soft With Her Adorable Thank You To Ariana Grande

And Ariana’s response back is making them melt too!

Ever since BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande finally got the chance to meet at Coachella, BLINKs have been crossing their fingers to see even more sweet interactions between them and now that patience has paid off!


On May 30, Rosé surprised everyone with a very sweet Instagram story thanking Ariana for her gift. In the story, Rosé snapped a photo of Ariana’s perfume while leaving her a very cute message.


While fans were already loving Rosé’s post, they were in for another treat when soon after, Ariana posted a response story capturing Rosé’s original and leaving a message for Rosé!


BLINKs are loving the latest interaction between them and think it’s the cutest display of friendship!


Here’s hoping to even more interactions between them in the future!