BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is An Incredible Artist And We Don’t Talk About It Enough

Drawings or paintings, she can do them all.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is best known for being an incredible singer, dancer, and model. She recently awed fans with the release of her first solo album, R, and she made headlines by becoming Tiffany & Co‘s newest global ambassador.

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A talent of hers that doesn’t receive enough praise, however, is her artistic abilities! In a past online broadcast, Rosé revealed some of the drawings that she had in her room. Though her main sketchbook was nowhere to be found, the pieces that she showed were still charming despite not being her “favorite kind of drawings.”

I wanted to try out something new, like graphics…I had nothing on my mind. I was looking for any idea, anything random. I tried to come up with something but I got nothing. Start! I was like, ‘Start, please start.’ So I started with the letter ‘S’. This is why it has S in the center. It doesn’t mean anything. It starts from here. It’s little childish, so I don’t really like this one. I don’t love this drawing.

— Rosé

A little later, she showed off her artwork on a helmet from their music video shoot for “BOOMBAYAH.”

When we promoted ‘BOOMBAYAH,’ I doodled on the helmet. I brought it here. That helmet didn’t really feature in the music video. But I worked hard on it.

— Rosé

The marker may have peeled off throughout the years, but its beauty was still intact.

In a later Instagram story dating October 2019, she shared her watercolor painting of orange and red fishes swimming alongside inked branches and flowers.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Rosé is an artist—in both performances and drawings!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
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