A BLINK Proposed Rosé With The Biggest Engagement Ring Ever And Her Reaction Was Priceless

Pure priceless perfection!

BLACKPINK have it all. They’ve got amazing vocals and rap skills, dangerous dance skills, jaw-dropping visuals, and the sweetest personalities around. BLACKPINK are so loveable that it’s certainly not hard to see why someone would want to propose marriage to them!


BLACKPINK recently gave another stunning round of performances in Fort Worth in their latest “In Your Area” tour stop.


After the concert, they continued to dazzle fans as they said their goodbyes and as they interacted with fans, one lucky fan decided it was the perfect time to propose to Rosé!


With the largest engagement ring ready to surprise Rosé, the fan who goes by the name theultimatedodo pulled out the giant ring and popped the question.


As soon as  Rosé saw the ring, her mouth dropped open…


And after quickly taking hold of the huge accessory, Rosé quickly put it on! Although she ended up having to slide it on her arm because it was so ginormous!


The sweet proposal and Rosé’s amazing response have stolen the hearts of everyone and it’s not hard to see why! Check out the full proposal and reaction below!