BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has an Unrealistic Body Even When She Crouches down on the Floor

It’s not easy to slump over and still look like that.

On March 3, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé uploaded multiple photos of herself on her official Instagram account along with the caption, “Roses are red and so was my hair.

The photos showed Rosé crouching down on the floor next to some extremely high heels, and what caught the attention of many netizens was how her body looked in a short sleeve shirt and short shorts despite being in a position that’s not normally flattering for the body.

It was no surprise that Rosé showed off beautiful body lines attributed to her long arms and legs, and it elicited the desire to go on a diet for the upcoming season.

What will really catch your attention is how even though Rosé was crouching down on the floor with her body slouched over, no belly fat could be found on her body.

These photos just further prove why Rosé is known for her unrealistic body, even within the group of BLACKPINK.

Source: Insight