BLACKPINK’s Rosé Came To Steal Everyone’s Heart With A Set Of “How You Like That” Pics She Found

Just Rosé sending “How You Like That” off in style!

As everyone gets ready to say hello to a sweet new “Ice Cream” era before BLACKPINK release their first full album this October, Rosé decided to send “How You Like That” off in style by sharing a few stunning photos she found.

Stopping by her personal Instagram on August 22, Rosé dropped a couple of gorgeous selcas sharing, “Some photos I missed from HYLT.

With Rosé’s heart-stopping visuals shining brightly in the photos, she, unsurprisingly, grabbed everyone’s attention and heart with her recently discovered pictures!

Swaying hearts with her “How You Like That” visuals, Rosé also had fans looking forward to “Ice Cream” too! Underneath her words about the missed photos, Rosé asked, “But who’s ready for icecream?

The answer? Everyone, of course! While “How You Like That” will forever by an iconic queen, the world is ready for “Ice Cream” to slay too! And luckily, we’ll be screaming for “Ice Cream” soon as it’s set to drop on August 28!

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