Netizens Revisit Rosé’s “Masked Singer” Performance That Made Everyone Sob

Rosé is steadily earning the title of “Cover Queen”.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently revealed multiple covers of other artists’ songs, and how well she covered them brought an older cover that she did back to the surface of the internet.

In recent days, a post named, “Rosé’s Cover of ‘If It Is You’” surfaced in an online community and received overwhelming attention. The post consists of a link to Rosé’s 2017 appearance on MBC’s Masked Singer.

During the second round, Rosé sang a cover of Jung Seung Hwan’s “If It Is You”. It started off quietly, but her lovable voice attracted everyone’s focus.

As she progressed in the song, her voice became more sentimental and dreamlike, which suited the sad lyrics of the song perfectly.

Watch Rosé’s cover of “If It Is You” that deeply touched both the panel and viewers in the link below:

Source: Insight