Rosé’s Cover of Taeyang’s Song Proves She’s Ready to Go Solo

A full song with Rosé’s voice would be a dream.

Late last year, BLACKPINK held their first independent concert in Korea, where Rosé blessed the audience with a solo performance.

Rosé sat on what appears to be a staircase and sang a medley of Beatles‘ “Let It Be”, Park Bom‘s “You And I”, and Taeyang‘s “Only Look at Me”.

The part of the medley that drew particular attention was her version of “Only Look at Me”.

It’s true that Rosé is capable of transforming any song with her sweet voice, but this cover gave off a truly dreamlike vibe.

Late last year, YG announced that each member of BLACKPINK will come out with a solo track.

Jennie was the first one to debut solo with her hit track, “SOLO”.

This is making fans wonder who the next BLACKPINK member will be next.

Rosé has exhibited her outstanding vocal ability multiple times in recent months, which is causing fans to anticipate her solo debut.

Check out Rosé’s dreamlike medley cover in the link below:

Source: Insight