Rosé Covered Seungri’s Solo Song as If It Was Her Own

Seungri revealed that the song used to be hers.

Late last year, BLACKPINK held their first independent concert in Korea, where Seungri made a surprise appearance.

On this evening, Seungri entertained the audience by performing BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang”, “Fantastic Baby”, and his solo song, “1, 2 ,3!”

What drew the fans’ attention was when Seungri revealed that “1, 2, 3!” was originally Rosé‘s solo song and that hearing her sing it made him want it for himself.

Seungri then requested that Rosé sings some of it for the audience if she remembers the lyrics.

Rosé hesitated at first, but she proceeded to sing the second verse for her fans.

She only covered a portion of the song, but what she did cover gave everyone the chills.

Her beautifully sweet voice makes it understandable why Seungri heard it and wanted the song for himself.

Check out Rosé’s cover of Seungri’s “1, 2, 3!” below:

Source: Insight