BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is So Dedicated To Her Fans, She Held A Live Broadcast At 5AM Right After Getting Home From Work

…and a few minutes before she had to leave again.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé definitely loves her fans! She recently held an Instagram LIVE to meet them even if it was 5:12 in the morning. She acknowledged in her post-live video caption that it was “a long time” since she had done a real time broadcast and she missed BLINKs terribly.

Rosé had just come back home from a schedule that required her to work even beyond midnight. Instead of sleeping right away as soon as she got the chance, she wanted to meet BLINKs online.

I started a photoshoot pretty late today and so it ended pretty late. So I just thought I’d do a quick live…I just came home.

— Rosé


It was such a priority to meet them that she didn’t even wash her face before starting the video. She said, “I still have my makeup on.”

Rosé did the broadcast despite her fatigue because she missed BLINKs. She even needed to speak quietly so as not to wake up the others at home.

I missed you guys too, hi! I’m speaking really quietly because it’s like 5 AM here in Korea so I just feel like I have to speak quietly because everybody should be sleeping.

— Rosé

The entire Instagram LIVE lasted around nine minutes. Due to the late hour, she wanted to get at least a few minutes of rest before she had to leave for her next schedule.

I’m gonna do this really short because I’m really tired as well.

— Rosé

She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to BLINKs for always staying by her side. She also thanked them for the birthday greetings that she had received last February 11 before ending the video to take a quick nap.

Alright everybody, I wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. I want to say thank you, always. And now I’m gonna go sleep.

— Rosé

Rosé had just a few minutes to rest before needing to start her day all over again. Her manager posted an Instagram Story a few minutes after the broadcast ended which showed that the BLACKPINK main vocalist had yet another early morning schedule.

| @jjongmae/Instagram

Rosé puts her fans first!

Source: Instagram