BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Difference Between Korea And Australia—And What She Misses Most

There are some things about Australia she can’t help but miss.

When BLACKPINK‘s Rosé discussed what she missed about her home country of Australia, she revealed what set the two countries apart and made them charming.

| roses_are_rosie/Instagram

During her appearance on the Australian show The Project, one of the hosts asked the singer what she “missed about life in Australia.” Rosé shared that there were many but nothing compared to its atmosphere.

There are so many things that I do miss about Australia. I think there’s quite a lot of things that I may have taken for granted. Maybe just the lifestyle.

— Rosé

Rosé noted the hustle and bustle of Korea. She said, “Right now I’m living in Seoul, so it’s a very busy city over here.

Compared to Seoul, the suburb of Bulleen where she lived in Australia was the complete opposite. Rosé shared, “I really just miss the quietness, and I don’t know… The whole lifestyle was very relaxed.

She missed the atmosphere, along with all of the precious memories she made. Rosé added, “And I had a really, really good time in Australia, so I miss just those moments. My childhood, basically.

Although both countries have different vibes, Rosé can call both of them home. Watch her share what makes both places so charming and what she misses most about her hometown.