Rosé Discovered The Bongo Cat “Kill This Love” Cover And Her Reaction Was Everything 

Her reaction was incredibly relatable:

There are a lot of interesting and fun K-Pop related things on the internet. One staple for every K-Pop fan is Beebo‘s bongo cat K-Pop covers and just recently, they were discovered by an idol!


Thanks to a BLINK, @lisablackpink_camblink, who matched BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” with the cute kitty version, Rosé saw the video and her reaction couldn’t have been better!


Posting a whole series of Instagram Stories chronically her reaction from laughter…


To meowing right along…


Rosé reaction soon captured everyone’s heart!


Especially since that’s exactly how many BLINKs reacted when they first heard the bongo version too!


Check out the bongo cat version for yourself to see why Rosé reacted the way she did and check out the original BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” below too!