BLACKPINK’s Rosé Forgot She’s Rich After Realizing Just How Much Data She Was Using

She made a mistake during her live broadcast.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé took to Instagram to hold a live broadcast for fans where she appeared in comfy clothes while lying down in her bed.

But during the broadcast, Rosé expressed her shock at the amount of cellular data she had been using.

It says I’ve already used up 50% of my data. I was using my data this whole time.

— Rosé

It turns out that Rosé used her cellular data for her live broadcast instead of her home internet.

And Rosé was concerned.

Does that mean my data’s going to slow down?

— Rosé

Luckily, it was almost the end of the month, meaning her data capacity would soon be recharged for the new month.

The month is almost over. Phew, there’s only a few days left since this month is almost over.

— Rosé

But fans are surprised by Rosé’s revelation and reaction to having used up her data.

  • I thought Rosé would have unlimited data.
  • The fact that she worries about her data usage is so relatable.
  • I think Rosé forget she’s rich.

Rosé may be successful AF, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try to conserve where she can!

Just another reason to love Rosé.


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