BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Why She Decided Against Singing A Love Song For Her Solo Title Track

“On The Ground” has a unique message.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé sat down for an interview with Billboard where she discussed her reaction to Britney Spears knowing BLACKPINK, Jisoo‘s and Lisa‘s future solo careers, and more.

She also gave fans a sneak peek into the process behind her own solo promotions. One of the questions she answered in detail was, “The lyrics of ‘On the Ground’ really struck me—the way you sing about questioning your priorities about work and your personal life felt really novel. Why was that the message you wanted to lead with?”

She revealed that deciding on the lyrics of her title track was something everyone who worked on her solo thought long and hard about.

We went through the whole thought process of: ‘What are we going to sing about? What is Rosie going to talk about for a good three minutes by herself?’

— Rosé

Teddy is one person who worked on “R” with Rosé

Rosé could have chosen to sing a love song like most other K-Pop tracks, but she and her team decided against it in the end.

It could have gone any other way — love songs, breakup songs. They would have all been great. But we wanted to find something that spoke to me, so it felt right to be talking about what I’ve been thinking about these past couple of years.

— Rosé

They wanted to show more of her personality in the song. One thought that kept recurring in her head since her debut was how fast everything was going. Finding herself within the chaos of her work spoke more to her than any other topic.

When we debuted, it was all chaos, everything was happening—bam, bam, everywhere. We were on that whole rollercoaster. And there comes a time when you gotta just sit and [ask yourself]: ‘Where am I going? Where am I at?’

— Rosé

Rosé in BLACKPINK’s debut music video “BOOMBAYAH” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

The lyrics of “On The Ground” were made as a reflection of Rosé’s life, thus every word sounded like it came from her heart.

I had a lot of these thoughts in my head anyway, and I think this song just spoke to all of us. We felt like it sounded the most like me. It sounded like if you would have dinner with me, have a conversation with me. It’s something I would passionately talk about and question. It’s something I would question myself before I go to bed.

— Rosé

She was fully satisfied with the end result: “So I thought it would be a good approach for my first solo song.”

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the music video for “On The Ground” below!

Source: Billboard