BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s New Hair Color Was Chosen By A Fellow Member

“That’s why you should listen to me.”

For BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” comeback, Rosé made a drastic change to her hair color for the first time in a while.

Although she kept her hair in the blonde range, she switched to a cool-toned version. It’s so icy that there are hints of purple. Since it’s so different from her past signature blonde, how was the shade chosen?

In the second episode of 24/365 With BLACKPINK, everyone found out who had chosen the specific color for Rosé. At the filming site for the music video, Jisoo stopped by to see how Rosé’s shooting was going.

Seeing how well her hair looked, Jisoo couldn’t resist complimenting it. Giving two thumbs up for approval, she said, “She looks so good with that hair color.” That’s when she revealed who had been behind the color choice.

It wasn’t the stylists who had selected the shade for Rosé. It was one of the people closest to her. Jisoo confidently announced, “I recommended that color to her. That’s why you should listen to me.”

After she pointed out the importance of listening to her advice, “See? You look great in this color,” Rosé showed her appreciation with adorable hand movements.

Without Jisoo’s suggestion, no one would’ve seen this iconic hair color on Rosé. She chose the perfect time to take Jisoo’s advice.

Watch Jisoo take credit for her stylish and spot-on color choice for Rosé here.