BLINKs Are UWUing Over This Rosé And Halsey Interaction

It was the cutest thing.

BLACKPINK fans recently discovered a sweet interaction between Rosé and American singer Halsey that has left them wanting more.


On October 22nd (KST), Rosé uploaded a post with two photos. The first shows her heading off to rehearsals…


…and the second one shows her during practice.


Though it’s easy for comments to go unnoticed in a sea of thousands, eagle-eyed fans immediately spotted Halsey’s. Halsey wrote “you’re totally cute” and Rosé replied with a bashful smiley face and a heart emoji.


Fans loved this sweet exchange…


…and have praised Halsey for taking the extra effort to translate her comment into Korean.


A few netizens took issue with Halsey’s comment…


…but BLINKS quickly came to the singer’s defense…


…and Halsey herself has responded to the criticism gracefully.


This isn’t the first time Halsey had shown love for K-Pop artists. She has met up with BTS


…several times…


…and has discussed the possibility of future collaborations with the group.

BTS, Halsey, and Machine Gun Kelly Talked About Possible Future Collaborations


Naturally, BLACKPINK fans are now also hoping for a collab, between Halsey and Rosé.


If Rosé and Halsey did collaborate, their song would surely be a hit!