These Recent Shots Suggest BLACKPINK’s Rosé Might Actually Be a Roman Goddess

So godly. So effortless.

BLACKPINK recently attended the WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 in Japan where they performed their top hits such as “DDU-DU DDU- DU” and “KILL THIS LOVE”. 

Among all of the gorgeous members, Rosé particularly drew the spotlight with visuals that were almost blinding.

As usual, Rosé showed off her flawless figure by wearing a skin-tight two-piece outfit that revealed her waist.

And every time the wind blew over, Rosé flipped her golden locks, making her look like a Roman goddess.

Rosé’s majestic visuals looked so natural that she truly looked like she was from another world.

As if that wasn’t enough, the photos also portray Rosé’s unmatched charisma. 

Check out some more stunning photos of Rosé below:

Source: Insight