BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Jisoo Have Totally Different Ways Of Confessing Their Love For The Group—Here’s How

One is like a poet.

BLACKPINK celebrated their third anniversary through an online broadcast with BLINKs. Besides eating cake, they also read fan messages and played around with each other.

At one point in the show, they shared just how much they love the other members. It was here where Rosé and Jisoo‘s difference in personalities shone!

Rosé started with a long-winding speech akin to what a seasoned poet would say.

I love you guys to the mountains and back, and to the far far hills, and around Europe and Australia back to the States and China. And all the way back to Korea.

— Rosé

The others couldn’t help but stare, giggle, and be overall dumbfounded at her words.

I love you through the crowds and through the universe, across Mars, all around the sun and back. I love you guys so much.

— Rosé

Jisoo’s answer to how much she loves the group, meanwhile, was a lot simpler.

Multiplied by black holes.

— Jisoo

Her members immediately shouted in amazement at her intelligent answer. As black holes suck in everything in its path, her affection for BLACKPINK was also endless.

Her reply was so good, she dropped her “mic” in front of everyone!

Even Rosé conceded her defeat by giving up her imaginary crown to the older member.

Despite their difference in answers, no one can deny that Rosé and Jisoo love BLACKPINK unconditionally!