Here’s What BLACKPINK’s Rosé Misses About Jisoo The Most When She’s Not Around

“She’s very important.”

BLACKPINK‘s friendship is incomparable! Because they’ve been with each other for the better part of a decade as they trained in YG Entertainment, they know each other well.

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It’s come to the point where they can’t really imagine being apart for significant periods of time. This was a topic that they briefly touched on when they guested on Super K-Pop last 2017.

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A fan asked them, “What do you ladies miss about each other when you’re not together?”

It was Rosé who professed her love for Jisoo first. Out of everything about the eldest member, it was her energy and humor that she’d miss the most if ever they’d separate.

If I’m not around Jisoo unnie, it’s kinda quiet. Because she’s always making jokes and she’s really funny.

— Rosé

She’s the resident mood maker of BLACKPINK! The difference when she’s present and not present is noticeable.

When the whole car’s quiet, she knows how to make a joke and, you know, make everybody laugh and have a good time.

— Rosé

Without Jisoo, the group is not as bright and happy as they usually are. Rosé feels double the responsibility to step up and help lighten the mood.

So when she’s not around, I feel like I have to fill in her emptiness. It’s really hard. So she’s very important in our group.

— Rosé

Jisoo’s an integral part of BLACKPINK, and Rosé knows it!

For more sweet interactions between the members, check out the full video below.

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