BLACKPINK’s Rosé Couldn’t Believe Lisa’s Answer To A “Who Would You Eat First” Joke

It’s all fun and games until survival is at stake!

The closest kinds of friends are those that aren’t afraid to make jokes—even if they’re slightly dark! BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé are the perfect example of friends without boundaries.

When Rosé accidentally spilled dog food and tried to blame Lisa, for example, the latter wasn’t having it.

Another time they showed their immunity to each other’s jokes was when they guested on a radio show, Super K-Pop, in 2017. One of the fan questions they were asked was, “You’re stuck on an island, what would you bring with you?”

Lisa was the first to share her answer: a knife. The others found her words interesting, with host Sam Carter commenting that she knows her survival ways well.

You definitely need Lisa with you.

— Sam Carter

Rosé didn’t share their optimism, however, commenting how Lisa may have ulterior motives that are much darker than catching food for the group.

Well, she might eat us with the knife, you know?

— Rosé

When Sam asked the maknae, “Who would you eat first?” she loved the question, smiling while shouting, “Oh no!”

Unfortunately for Rosé , Lisa looked at her right then and there!

Why are you looking at me?

— Rosé

At least Rosé is known among the girls as a fast runner, so she’d be able to escape if the worst happened! Check out the full video below to see more of their banter.

Source: YouTube