BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa Revealed Their Fondest Memory During Trainee Days, And It Will Melt Your Heart

Their friendship is everything!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Lisa greeted fans with a surprise online broadcast last July 11. They answered BLINKs questions with candor, laughing together while taking a break from “How You Like That” Promotions.

One fan’s question in particular made them look back at their past and reminisce fondly.

Tell us your best memory from your trainee days.


Out of all their experiences together, it was their day-offs they enjoyed the most. Without thinking long about it, Lisa and Rosé said they loved it when they visited Myeongdong, Seoul, a popular tourist spot with hundreds of small and trendy shops.

Myeongdong, Seoul

The two would separate for an hour or so while Rosé, a Christian, heard mass. Lisa would patiently wait for her by shopping around the district. This routine would continue for years as they were trainees for half a decade at YG Entertainment.

After Rosé’s mass, the pair would spend quality time with each other.

And then we would meet up in Myeongdong, watch a movie, eat really quickly, and run back really quickly.

— Rosé

They would rush to the cinema after eating to catch their weekly movie, always just a bit late.

There’s two minutes left!

— Lisa

After re-enacting their past, Lisa complemented Rosé’s fast running. The main vocalist would apparently always be ahead of her, causing Lisa to give up after a while. Rosé, in turn, would beg the maknae to keep running, but they still ended up late every single week.

As this memory proves, Lisa and Rosé are truly close friends. Their fondest memory can make any fan’s heart melt!

Check out the full video below.