BLINKs Can’t Stop Talking About The Moment Rosé Smacked Lisa’s Butt On Camera

The playful smack is getting a whole lot of love.

BLACKPINK‘s BLACKPINK Diaries have been feeding fans with great content since they first came into being. They were a way for BLINKs to learn more about each individual BLACKPINK member’s personality and have made many fall even harder for them!


But you’re never really sure what you are going to get in each episode and the latest one certainly surprised fans! While BLINKs got a behind the scenes look at their world tour and some of their daily lives…


It also showed a hilarious moment between Rosé and Lisa! While waiting in the waiting room, Rosé decided to give Lisa a massage.


Her message was a huge hit with Lisa…


But she was soon questioning Rosé’s massaging skills and paid for it with a playful butt slap heard around the world!


After the butt smacking incident, Lisa decided it was time for Rosé to receive a massage too…


And got her back with a round of tickles!


BLINKs can’t stop talking about the butt slap, claiming their love for the hilarious interaction! Check out the moment in the episode of BLACKPINK Diaries below at around the 4-minute and 19-second mark!