BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made One Very Special Change To Her Solo Stage During Their Melbourne Stop

Her meaningful change made everyone feel incredibly emotional:

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé hit everyone in the feels by celebrating her return home in a very sweet and special way.


BLACKPINK recently started their Australian leg of their In Your Area tour. Their first stop was in Melbourne where they once again left the everyone completely breathless!


BLACKPINK’s Melbourne stop wasn’t any old ordinary stop but was actually very special. Rosé is actually from Melbourne and BLINKs definitely gave her a very warm welcome home!


But it wasn’t just BLINKs that that celebrated her return home. Rosé had a very special surprise for fans at the concert too! Instead of singing her medley of “Let It Be”, “You & I”, and “Only Look At Me” that she’s performed at the other concert stops…


Rosé had one very special addition to her solo stage, her cover of Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home”!


The song proved to be the perfect choice and had everyone feeling very emotional!


Listen to Rosé’s special heartwarming addition as well as the rest of her amazing solo stage in the fancam below: