BLACKPINK’s Rosé Melted Hearts By Using Sign Language At Recent Event

Rosé has been learning the language to communicate with more fans:

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has proven time and again that she’s got a heart of pure gold with her kind, caring, and sweet interactions with everyone and during a recent event, fans were once again reminded just how amazing and thoughtful Rosé truly is.


BLACKPINK recently met up with fans at the special OLENS fan event. While there were plenty of wonderful moments from the event, one moment with Rosé particularly caught everyone’s attention. During the fansign, Rosé was spotted testing out her Korean sign language skills!


As Rosé was talking to fans in the crowd, she tested out her sign language knowledge by signing, “It’s nice to see everyone.


Although Rosé had correctly signed the greeting, she cutely signed that she learned the phrase but couldn’t remember it!


And although Rosé might have been a little shy when she thought she forgot how to sign it…


Everyone is 100% in love with her for taking the time to learn the language!


With Rosé learning sign language to be able to communicate with even more fans, she once again proved her heart is pure gold!