BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Why She Sometimes Misses Her Trainee Days

This is a little heartbreaking.

In BLACKPINK‘s recently released documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, the members shared some details about themselves that a lot of people might not have known. During one scene, Rosé shared that she sometimes misses her trainee days. 

Rosé when she was a trainee

During the scene, Rosé was playing her guitar and singing in the middle of the night.


She then shared that she often can’t sleep at night due to her having a lot of thoughts in her head. When this happens, Rosé usually sings, as it helps relieve some of her stress.


Rosé then revealed that she often misses her trainee days due to this.


When Rosé was a trainee, she was surrounded by music and was able to play her guitar and sing whenever she wanted. However, she’s no longer able to do this, as her packed schedule makes it difficult. Due to her busy schedule, the only time Rosé can freely sing and play her guitar is at night when she’s supposed to be sleeping.

Here’s the full video below!