A BLINK Promposes to Rosé, Her Reply Will Make Every Other BLINK Jealous

“Did I just get asked to the prom last night?”

During a BLACKPINK concert, a fan made a banner inviting Rosé to his prom. To his surprise, the idol actually noticed it during their soundcheck!

During the Send Off, the BLINK asked Rosé if he remembered her, and she did!

I’ll see you at the prom!

To make it even better, Rosé posted the banner to her Instagram story with the caption, “did i just get asked to the prom last night?”

After the cute interaction, the BLINK made a Twitter account to talk to the fans about the time he shared with Rosé. His Twitter bio even says “Rosé accepted my promposal!”

He then recounts the story of how he was able to prompose to the BLACKPINK member.

When asked if he thinks that going to prom with her would be possible, he said that her company, YG Entertainment, probably won’t let her go.

At least he was able to be noticed and remembered by his idol! What a lucky BLINK!