BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How She Overcame Being Homesick As A Trainee

It was tough, but one shining light kept her going.

Like many idols, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé left her home country at a young age to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. In an interview with the Australian show The Project, she recently opened up about how she overcame homesickness.

One of the hosts asked, “…was there ever a moment where you thought you might’ve done the wrong thing?” Rosé instead responded, “I mean, yes, it was very hard. I must say.

She remembered how emotional she’d been during her trainee days. Rosé admitted, “I would cry a lot ’cause I was homesick.

Rosé recalled her parents saying, “‘You know, just come back home. Just come back to Australia. And let’s go back to school and just do everything…’

Because they supported Rosé in spirit when she needed a shoulder to cry, she was able to keep her mind on the prize. Even back then, Rosé didn’t want to be anything other than a singer. She turned down her parents’ offer and kept following her dream, “I remember being so sure about it.

‘No. I’m never going to go back. I know I’m crying right now, but I’m never going to go back.’ I was very sure about it.

— Rosé

Although she had tough moments during her trainee days, Rosé admitted, “I don’t think I ever regretted it.

She then revealed the one thing that had given her pause, “If anything, I was just worried that, ‘What if I came all the way to South Korea and what if I don’t make it?’

Despite how uncertain a trainee’s journey could end up, Rosé “was very sure about [her] future.” Her determination paid off, becoming a singer that’s breaking records as a member of BLACKPINK and a soloist. Check out Rosé looking back on her tough trainee days here.