BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has The Perfect Word For Her Fans And Everybody Is Loving It

Rosé gave fans a surprise with a single autograph:

Fans have had a lot of fun over the years adding the acute accent that is used in BLACKPINK Rosé‘s name onto different words, for example, professionalsé! BLINKs have been found adding it to all sorts of words to show their love for her and it’s actually become a bit of a meme!


But it turns out that Rosé knows about BLINKs fun with the accent mark and decided to use it in the best way possible…for BLINKs!


During a recent fansign event, Rosé surprised a fan by including a message to her fansé!


Soon after the event, the fansé moment quickly took over the internet with BLINKs all over the world going wild for Rosé’s message.


With Rosé’s new name for fans, she just gave us one more of the billions of reasons to love her!