BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals The Unusual Pre-Show Ritual She Can’t Pull Off A Performance Without

She’s very specific about it.

Both as a soloist and as a BLACKPINK member, Rosé always kills it on stage. But, in a recent guest appearance on SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, she revealed she can only perform well with the help of an unusual ritual.

During the show, the My Little Old Boy hosts asked Rosé if there are any “jinxes” she has before a performance, and the star soloist instantly recalled her pre-show ritual. “I must have rice“, she revealed.

| sNack!/YouTube

Rosé went on to explain that she needs to have Korean food—specifically “a meal with a bit of rice“—before she goes on stage. While it’s not uncommon for idols to eat something before a performance, Rosé’s need for rice is pretty serious to her. In fact, she explained, if she doesn’t eat rice before performing, there’s “no way” she can do well on stage.

| sNack!/YouTube

It’s fascinating for me too. If I don’t have rice, there’s no way I can pull off a performance. My arms become all squashy.

— Rosé

On top of that, while many idols are content with any bite to eat, Rosé can only eat Korean food before performing. When asked if she could eat Western food instead, Rosé replied, “No, never.” She once tried eating bread, but it didn’t give her the strength she needed to do her best.

| sNack!/YouTube

Despite being raised in Australia, Rosé says rice and kimchi are her absolute must-haves—from cucumber kimchi to oyster kimchi. The older guest stars on the show found themselves enamored with how well the BLACKPINK soloist eats Korean food, wishing they could have a daughter like her.