Recent Photos of BLACKPINK’s Rosé Prove That It’s Finally Her Time to Shine

She’s never looked better.

Following 10 months of anticipation, BLACKPINK finally came back with “Kill This Love”, and much attention has been on Rosé for how gorgeous she’s been looking this time around.

There’s no doubt that Rosé has always looked beautiful, but it can’t be denied that her recent visuals suggest that the full potential of her looks has been acknowledged.

In addition to her radiance, Rosé also shocked fans by flaunting her amazing acting skills in a cut that involved her crying behind the wheel.

And the rose-colored hair that matches her name very well really stood out and made it look like she was from a completely different world.

Aside from her beauty in BLACKPINK’s most recent MV, Rosé has also been shocking everyone with her visuals on comeback stages as well as photos taken by fans and reporters.

With Rosé’s solo activities just around the corner, her recent visuals only heighten the anticipation for what’s to come.


Check out a few more recent photos of Rosé below:

Source: Insight