BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Aging Backwards — This Predebut Photo Is Proof

Rosé looks even younger now than she did in high school.

If someone has found the fountain of youth, it might be BLACKPINK‘s Rosé.


Rosé has always been gorgeous, but she grows more and more stunning with each passing year. Since 2016, she has transformed from princess…


…to queen…


…to goddess!


Recently, a photo from Rosé’s high school yearbook has been making the rounds online. Before Park Chaeyoung became Rosé, she was Roseanne Park, an ordinary student at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne.


In this photo (digitally enhanced by fans), Rosé has a much shorter haircut that gives her a more mature look.


When compared side by side, Roseanne Park looks like she could be Rosé’s older sister!


Hopefully, one day she’ll share her age-reversal secrets with the rest of us!